Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Little Daisy was in a very feisty mood today! She was looking for trouble and spent her day chasing the dogs at the ranch!

Check out Daisy chasing Jill's dogs, Osito and Caesar! Watch out for Daisy when she is grouchy! Look how she kicks dirt at Caesar with her front hoof!

Our Farrier, Geoff worked on horses today as hardworking volunteers helped with the horses and the daily chores. They cleaned and organized the fly masks and put one on every horse in Little Vacation Village and Assisted Living. It looks like the Fly Predators are working, we have way fewer flies already...

As we did our pasture checks, we noticed Music acting a bit colicy. So, we took her out of her pasture, evaluated her, gave her some Banamine, and decided we would have the vet take a look at her just in case. So, she was loaded into the trailer and brought into Las Vegas. We actually had Dr. Little do a pregnancy check on her, she has gotten pretty big in her belly and has been acting very "mareish" latey, not like herself. At first glance, the vet thought that yes, she could possibly be pregnant. After examining her, she did not think so, but admitted there could still be a chance she is. We rescued Music 6 months ago from the New Holland Sale in PA, so it is possible (gestation is 11 months) that she was bred before being dumped at the auction. Just look at Inspirada and Breezie! We sure hope she isn't but we are going to be keeping a close eye on her. If we still suspect she is, we will bring her in for an utrasound.


Andrea said...

Looks like Daisy's having a bad hair day!!

Katherine said...

I didn't know Daisy could be so fiesty! When I see her, she's usually sleeping in a nice sunny spot.