Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a new volunteer/visitor today who donated $600.00 to Shiloh so that we can buy a sling! We have been planning on doing a fundraiser/fund to help us get the needed funds to buy one- we have many crippled horses who need this support for hoof trimming. In the past, we have had to have the vet lay out horses like Sitka and Fremont so their hooves can be worked on, but that comes with risk, especially for our older guys. Many of our crippled Sanctuary horses just cannot stand on three legs. This sling will enable these type of horses to distribute their weight, making them more comfortable. This is a wonderful item for the horses and will make things much easier for everyone. Huge thanks to Catherine who generously donated the amount needed to buy one!

A quick view of part of the rescue showing Fear Factor Pen, The Duplexes, Geezer Pen, the Hospice, and the Mare Motel.

Look at Moses- he is so fat now! We actually moved him for Assited Living out into Big Vacation Village today, he was eating too much Equine Senior! :o) He is such a sweet old guy.

Here is Salsa, back into trouble. He got into my grooming box, spilled everything out, took the shedding blade, and got the Showsheen hooked on his bandana... Have Showsheen will travel.


Andrea said...

That's not trouble!! He just wants to help with the grooming you guys do!!! Add "Grooms Assistant" to his list of job titles, I'd say!! (It's called multitasking, isn't it??!)

Katherine said...

The sling is great news! Hope they all get the trimming they
need so that they're more comfortable...