Monday, May 5, 2008


Back to work!

It was just Sally and Jill out at the ranch today, it was very quiet and peaceful. The weather was warm, but a bit muggy and we even felt some rain drops.

Moody and Creek were both adopted today, which is wonderful for these two geldings. Now, they are off to their new futures.

Zoolander became an official Shiloh Horse today, as his Brand Inspection was completed. We are still not sure what his injury is, but it looks like an old hip problem. He has a definite hitch in his gait, but has learned to compensate well.

Hummingbird, the little mare from Animal Control, was moved from Isolation into Big Vacation Village so she can have some friends. The soft deep sand will help her sore feet. She has already made some friends and the geldings are fighting over her (although many of them are as crippled as she is!) There is usually lots of squealing, but not too much movement as everyone is limping around! But, they all have a good time doing their horse thing.

Sweeny Todd was moved into the Stallion Stall in the barn (Cabo's old stall). It's the most secure and private stall where he can't have too much interaction with any of the Wanderers. He will be gelded soon, this month hopefully, but he is still recovering from his wounds that he got from trying to jump out of his corral and fight! He is pretty stiff and sore still, so his "stallioness" is a bit diminished, which is good.

We moved Hickory out of the Geezer Pen where he was living with Mercali. Hickory was just getting too beat up- although we NEVER saw anything happening! When we would watch, the two of them would be the best of friends, eating together, etc. They must go crazy during the night or something! Anyway, Hickory is out and has to heal some battle wounds. It can be hard to find just the right corral mates for some horses.

I spoke to the Dr. Schur today who cared for Acadia last week in the clinic. She had performed a Necropsy on her and found a tumor which had completely strangulated Acadia's small intestine. There was nothing that could have been done for her. At least now we know why she coliced so badly, so suddenly. That doesn't make us feel any better though...

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