Wednesday, May 7, 2008


A beautiful hot day today! Summer is on the way...

We have been working on getting the waters all onto automatic floats. The horses drink soo much during when it's hot, it's an all day job just to keep the waters filled.

Plymouth coliced yesterday afternoon and was brought into Vegas to be treated by the vet. She was tubed with oil and water. She had a small intestine impaction, but it was caught early (thanks to Sabine!) and she responded to the treatment. Plymouth spent the night in town to be watched closely, but she is back at Shiloh today, passing manure and eating. The sudden heat is hard on some of the horses, they just do not drink enough and they put themselves at risk for colic. "You can lead a horse to water- but you can't make them drink." The vets always see a huge increase of colics at this time of year, so we all have to keep our eyes open...

Gracie was adopted to a new home today- yay for Gracie! She is sweet little mare who deserves a home of her own and a bit of a job. Rex left for his new home as well and Pawnee will leave next week.

Jill will be taping a segment of Face to Face with Jon Ralston tomorrow. Jill and the other guests will be discussing the Kentucky Derby and the mare who was put down, as well as the fate of many racehorses who don't make it in the racing world. Should be interesting!


Katherine said...

Interesting...I hope Jill mentions to Jon Ralston that horses aren't skeletally mature at age 2 or 3

KellyByrd1 said...

Soooo glad about the interview! As NASDAQ's name was 'Closing Bell' do you think he's any relation to Eight Belles? Just wondering... We're so blessed that ANY of the horses at Shiloh even survived their previous life- even though we had a small house fire on Sat., I had to 'carrot' the horses on Sunday, to let them know how loved they are... Good catch on Plymouth, Sabine! Good luck on the interview, Jill!

annaearl said...

Excellent - I'm glad Jill is going to get a chance to address this. I was sickened and outraged when I found out about Eight Belles fate...especially since I've learned that alot of the TBs at Shiloh come from the track after winning money and actually doing well. Then they are just thrown away - it makes me sick.

There was an article in the Review Journal the day after the Derby that talked about the "Moral Crisis in TB Racing" and I completely agree. The stats given were something like 1 or 2 horses are put down for every 1,000 that race due to breakdown injuries - not cool.

The owners and trainers claim to love these animals and I'm sure some of them do, but there are more out there that use them to further their own interests.

Anyway - go get'm Jill!


Andrea said...

We get similar stories after the UK Grand National race - usually one or two horses are shot after falling at a fence and injuring/breaking a leg and I don't understand the necessity. A broken bone can be healed, surely, and the horse given/sold as a "pet" but to euthanise simply because they can't race & win more for the trainer/owner, I don't get that. I hope, Jill, that your point is taken on board by some of them!