Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A beautiful day at the ranch. It was quiet and peaceful with some of our regular volunteers pitching in. Godspeed, Shaggy, Moses and many other residents of Little and Big Vacation Village were groomed. Fly masks were repaired and put back on, wounds were cleaned, and everyone was checked over.

We were able to move Pongo out of the Bungalow area, where he was recovering from hoof abcesses. He is doing much better, so we decided he needed to be back in with some friends. He has lost some weight over the last few weeks, so we put him into Assited Living where he will get Equine Senior twice a day, plus all the hay he can eat. He seemed happy and interested in his new surroundings and friends.

Wanderer Sitka has been slowing down over the last few months, her crippled foot is bothering her a bit more now. We are keeping her comfortable with pain meds and watching her closely. She still gets around, and likes to lay in the deep warm sand in the Wanderer area. Once she is down, she is a bit sore getting up. But, she is still eating and drinking normally and still interested in her friends and the goings on at the ranch. Her close friends, Eagle and Baja, follow her all over and also keep an eye on her (see video below). Shiloh has many Wanderers- horses who have chronic Founder, crippled legs, old broken legs, arthritic knees- who feel have a better quality of life wandering freely on the 40 acres. Visitors are familiar with all the wandering animals!

Here is adopted Shiloh Horse, Fortune, and her "protector/guardian" Philadelphia getting a drink in Big Vacation Village. These two have become very close, it's cute to watch!


Andrea said...

It's kinda sad to see Sitka struggling some with the legs, but I just hope the horse is happy.

Mikey said...

Howdy Shiloh! Wanted to point out a thing I just saw. The Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue is putting on a Trainer's Challenge, like Extreme Mustang Makeover. Take a wild, unadoptable rescue horse to train for 100 days and then compete to see who did the best job. They're offering a $4,000 purse!!
What a good idea!