Sunday, June 1, 2008


Jill and Sally were in Los Angeles for the last two days, so we have fallen behind in the blog! Sorry! :o)

Even though we were not there yesterday, the work went on at Shiloh. We are very lucky (and grateful) to have many dedicated and responsible volunteers who help us keep things going when we are out of town. From time to time, we have to leave town to travel with Tony and his business projects, after all he is Shiloh's huge financial supporter!

Pongo looks like he is doing better in Assisted Living, he seems to have settled in with his new friends. He is still a bit wobbly on his legs, but he is getting healthier every day. He is a very sweet gelding, his move to Shiloh was a major change in his life. We are working on keeping his weight on. Here he is eating some Equine Senior with some Bute:

Below, Kody plays some Parelli games with yearling Twinkle. She's up on the bank... Twinkle is a very nice little filly, calm and quiet, who is looking for her new home and future.

Look who showed up again yesterday, Kevin Bacon! Here he is with Daisy and Flower near the goat, Slew's shelter.

Below, the pigs enjoy a cooling mud bath.

Shiloh's French Documentary was premired in France last week. We have received lots of supportive emails from people who saw the show. It is a very good documentary, moving and uplifting, full of interviews from Shiloh volunteers and supporters. DVD Copies are now on sale , a portion of the sales benefit the Shiloh Horses! The DVDs can be bought online here, The Jill and Tony Curtis Story, copies will also be sold at the ranch very soon!

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KellyByrd1 said...

Looking forward to buying the documentary. So glad you are pleased with it! So sorry, though, it needed to be done... Hard to believe something so barbaric is still happening to these poor horses in this day and time. Glad you were able to travel with your husband for his work. My husband's work trips (I get to accompany him) are my favorite part of his business! Shiloh does have the best ever volunteers- it's amazing to see the same faces each week, working away for the 'residents.' You people are amazing!