Saturday, June 14, 2008


A very hot day today!
For some reason Sally says she wants a fence around the feedroom. I wonder why? What are you waiting for Sally,go on in there! (This is how the wandering mascots greet her each morning.) I guess I can see her point...
Shaggy gets some more grooming. He has actually put on weight and is looking better and more alert.

Great news as little Trooper, the young gelding who had been attacked by a Pit Bull dog before coming to Shiloh, gets adopted by Vic, a Shiloh volunteer. Trooper is such a cute little guy and he deserves this home of his own. Happy trails, Vic and Trooper (pictured below)!

VolunteerTerry worked for hours on Pongo (below), who looks even better today. He is responding to his meds and we are all feeling better about him.

Terry hand feeds him his medication.
After being treated, Pongo hangs out in the cool barn aisle.

Darian gives Pongo a pet.

Chaplin left for his new home today. He is off to AZ. A great home for this nice gelding. Here he is with his new owner, Lindsey:

Shiloh adopters, Bill and Amber recently adopted a BLM Mustang (below) from the National Wild Horse Association. This is a very nice Mustang mare- congratulations on the new horse!
Lorie and Deonna helped us set up our new improved Geezer Pen. This will be for the older horses who are really struggling with keeping on their weight at this time. So far, we have Mendoza, Vista, Jackson, and Abilene- there might be a full set of working teeth between the four horses! Hopefully Pongo will be able to join this group when he is ready. Here are the horses moving in:

Charmin gets a bath from Darian...
And then, the inevitable happens- the after bath roll!
Austin and Dodge seek some shade in the trees in the Big Pasture.
Sitka and Eagle go tail to tail to beat the flies. It would help if they would keep their flymasks on!
Shiloh supporter, adopter, and volunteer, Anita with her adopted horse Vegas. That is one way to reach his head- very smart Anita!
What a cute picture!
Volunteer Andy learns from Sanctuary horse, Starwood, in his horsemanship class.

Sabine's dog, Bear goes in the dog pool.

Sabine gave a riding lesson as well as a private Basic Horsemanship class today. To sign up for riding lessons or horsemanship class go here. Don't forget the Equine Biology class on June 28th and 29th!

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