Friday, June 27, 2008


It was HOT out at the ranch today, 105 in the shade!

I took some new pictures of the Fallon horses- at least until I dropped Sally's camara into Zuiderzee's mud puddle that she makes with her water bucket. This is the second time I have done this, Sally was not happy. Luckily it's a big ranch! Here are some of the pics:

Dunny AFTER rolling after his first bath...

The cute pony, PB&J.

Sweet Christian Bail.

The dogs found some shade...

Poor Spartacus' new hair cut. I wanted him to have the full Poodle cut with the pom poms- but he was just too scraggley from running and playing at the ranch everyday. So, he had to get a close cut. He was a little embarressed to come today...

Salsa taking a heat nap!

This weekend will be a busy one at Shiloh. Besides the usual volunteers and visitors, we have a Basic Horsemanship Class and the Equine Biology Class going on. It supposed to be even hotter, so remember to wear sunblock and bring something cool to drink!

See you at Shiloh!


Andrea said...

Hope nobody got sunburnt!! I got my copy of the Jill & Tony Curtis Story DVD last Friday - what a terrific reminder of Shiloh!! It was a wonderful "watch" and lovely to see the ranch on TV!

Sundancer said...

Jill, it was 118 degrees here today on our front porch (in the shade!) Even our dogs don't want to go outside during the day!