Monday, June 23, 2008


We arrived back at Shiloh yesterday evening with four of the new horses from Fallon- Martini, PB&J, Ciento, and Soot. The remaining seven horses are arriving at Shiloh tonight. All eleven will be added to our website tomorrow.

Click here to see some photos from the auction!

Great news as Cooper is adopted today to Jackie of Las Vegas! Peace, one of the wild mares, found her new home last week. These guys moving on to new homes and futures leaves room for the new guys to come in from auctions...

Thanks again for everyone's support!


Sundancer said...

On our way home from NorCal, we drove by some kind of feedlot off the freeway near Bakersfield. Yes. It is indeed sad to see so many horses there. THANK YOU for your efforts to save these 11 lucky ones! The black TB is GORGEOUS!

Cheri said...

The 11 look like a nice additioin to the family. Good job Shiloh gals! Can't wait to dote on them.
It must have been very hard not to be able to take them all from the killer/buyer. But thank you for saving the ones you did.

Eric Clayton said...

I love that we have a horse named Christian Bale! haha!

mikey said...

Congratulations on another safe trip and saving so many. 11 is a lot!
Have to say, love Ciento! I've got an OTTB mare here that was a freebie, and she has the EXACT same face. They are twins!
Can't wait to see PB&J :)