Friday, June 6, 2008


A hot day with the wind starting to blow around noon.

NOTE: We are updating our past adopter's contact info on our website. If you adopted a Shiloh Horse in the last four years, please click here to fill out this simple online form. Our website allows us to link adopter info directly to a horse's page. If you adopted within the last six months, we already have your info linked online. Thank you! Click here.

Another great day with no issues or problems. Jill and Sally actually rode again today- what a shocker!

Pongo was up all day and looking very perky. He even whinned when he saw his Equine Senior coming! A wonderful sign for him- it looks like he is "over the hump". We are very happy about that.

Sanctuary horse, Vista, who is going blind and is in her mid thirties has really started to look her age and is losing weight in spite of our efforts. She lives in Little Vacation Village which eats a full meal of Equine Senior at morning and night plus free fed grass mix hay. Vista's teeth just aren't what they used to be. Vista has lived at Shiloh for over three years now and has had a happy retirement with us. We are hoping that some volunteers and vistors this weekend can give her some special attention...

Shiloh's next Basic Horsemanship classes will be held on June 12th at 4pm (a new afternoon time) and June 14th at 10am. The cost is $10.00. These classes teach basic haltering, leading, and grooming of the rescue horses, a great class for new volunteers. Interested in attending? Space is limited per class, please email Sabine at to sign up.

Now that school is out, interested in Volunteering? Volunteers are welcome every day of the week from 8:30am until around 1pm. Come on out and pitch in with the horses! Visitors are also always welcome. It's getting hot out there, so please bring something cool to drink. (We have a fridge to keep it in.)

See you at Shiloh!

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