Tuesday, June 17, 2008


First of all- a HUGE THANK YOU for all of the generous donations to Shiloh's Slaughter Fund! As I post this, we have $1070.00 in the Fund to be used for this saturday's slaughter auction in Fallon, NV! You guys are DIRECTLY saving horse lives when you donate to the Fund! Thank you!!!! We will be blogging from Fallon, so make sure you check in to see what's going on. Shiloh is heading up there Friday and will be home on Sunday. We have some Shiloh volunteers going along and we will all be working hard.

Another turn in sweet Moses' life story! Here is how he looked when he arrived:

But, today he was able to be ridden for the first time! He looks like another horse, it just about makes you cry to see him. Happily for everyone, Shiloh volunteer, Robbie, will be taking Moses home to her house to foster and care for him! She is a life long horsewoman who just misses having horses in her life. She still has her horse property, stalls, corrals, and arena and has offered a home to Moses. She is also a huge supporter of Godspeed, and she is considering taking him home as well in the future. We actually tried to see if Godspeed was rideable today, he is healthy and fattened up now, so we tacked him up to see how he responded. All was great UNTIL Elisa went to get on him- he bared his teeth and got extremely agitated. So we backed off. This poor guy was not only starved, but obviously badly abused as well, at least under saddle. He has good ground manners and has really bonded with Robbie, but he is just not ready for more right now. Robbie will continue to visit him and hopefully, he can become a companion to Moses at her house.
Watch this video of Robbie and Moses having some fun today:

Karma's adoptive family came out to visit today and ended up washing P. Shaggy- after handing out carrots of course! P. Shaggy enjoyed the extra attention! Watch a few seconds of sweet old Shaggy:

Volunteer Samantha spent alot of time with America, walking her around the ranch and then bathing her. America was on her best behavior and really loved the extra loving attention. Other long time volunteers did all the wound care and helped us check everyone over. Shiloh really does have THE BEST Volunteers! Shiloh volunteers really get their hands dirty and help us take on the big problems- it's all "on the job training" for all of us and it takes all of us to keep things running smooth, or at least as smoothly as possible! :o)

More great news as Courage finally finds his new home with Shiloh Supporter, Don of Pahrump! Courage has been waiting for just the right home to come along, looks like his wait is finally over and he has a family of his own at last.

Tomorrow is Vet Day at Shiloh- Sweeney Todd will be gelded! Happy for us, not so happy for him! We will also be having some reoccuring skin cancer taken off some of the older horses, as well as other routine stuff done. We will be posting all about it tomorrow!

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mikey said...

Moses and Shaggy look FANTASTIC!! How wonderful to see that. Poor Shaggy, I even told my hubby about him, he was such a bag of bones. I can't wait to see how he looks in 6 months!