Sunday, June 29, 2008

A super busy weekend at the rescue!

Elisa's Equine Biology class was a hit! She had lots of people and everyone learned alot. Elisa worked very hard to make this a very educational class for everyone and she is a very good teacher. This was the first class of the Shiloh Summer Education Series, we are already planning more to cover topics like feeding, conformation, breeds and colors, first aid, teeth, etc...

Two Shiloh horses left for their new homes today. Spirit left on Sunday for Arizona and Martini, the Fallon auction Arab mare, was happily already adopted by Carol of Indian Springs, NV. More horses will leave this weekend, as Godspeed and Moses go to their foster home, Cooper goes to his new adoptive home, Boarder Maverick goes to Utah, and Boarders Noname and Lincoln are off to Pahrump where Shiloh Horse, Slewus, will also be fostered.

Big excitement out in Big Vacation Village when Trooper, now renamed Zanthos by his adoptive family, entered the pasture! Look at Belmont, the big chestnut with the crippled leg. He gets around great and even joins in the chase. Joining the gallop are Philidelphia, adopted horse Fortune, and Tioga (the paint with the UV sheet).

We had lots of volunteers and visitors, some first timers. Kelly's "Carrot Brigade" handed out treats to all the horses and other animals, who were all waiting at attention!

Another fun weekend at the ranch!


Cheri said...

WOW! it is great to see Belmont getting around so well. I remember
when it was "iffy" for him. Amazing. And Charity really looks better too since she is in the big pasture with all her friends making her move more. Its
so good to see the positive happen
with these thrown away horses!
Great job Savvy Jill and Sally!

Cheri said...

Elisa's class was so informative, it could have gone for 4 hours!
Great job, I really learned alot, and can't wait for the next one.
It does'nt matter how much you know, there is always more to learn. Thanks for making Shiloh such a friendly learning place.

KellyByrd1 said...

Loved, loved LOVED the class! I got my husband to go to the class, and he even enjoyed it! We'll be attending more in the future. My boy NASDAQ looks like a one woman man- and that woman is Goodface! They are sooo cute together! So happy he finally has a friend, even though she does wear the pants in the family! OK- maybe someone can tell me- there's a white horse with either a blookmark or lots of dirt (such a horselady am I) in Area 51. This horse is far bigger than Apache- is it pregnant, bloated, wormy, etc.? Anyone know? BTW- Yvonne, Patty, Dean and I carpooled today- save gas, save the planet, and have more fun!

Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

Hey Kelly-
I think you might mean Shamrock? He is a gray with a bloodmark in Area 51- he has a sway back and big hay belly. Just a fat old guy hanging out! :o)