Tuesday, June 10, 2008


A very hot day out there today! Fellow Rescuer, Jo from Angel Acres Horse Haven, is in town visiting and came out to Shiloh today. She spent some time with her favorite horse at Shiloh, the cute and sweet Chico!

We moved the three new TBs, Six, Larceny, and Slewus out of Isolation and into the Corner Pen. They all had a great time whipping around in there before they settled down to breakfast.

Mendoza was moved into Mesquite Manor, where he was joined by Jackson and Abilene, who were moved out of Big Vacation Village. All three horses have very few teeth left and will be eating Equine Senior (along with their hay) to help keep their weight on. Jackson and Abilene are best friends and were happy to move as long as they could stay together!

Pepperoni Pony was moved out of her Isolation pen and into the smaller Mesquite Manor pen with Pocahontas the little paint pony. They should become good friends.

Charmin and Steal were also moved into the Shiloh population where they will continue to be evaluated and worked with until their adoptions.

Pongo is doing wonderfully, up and eating. He will be able to move back into his herd very soon.

Wounds were treated and everyone is healing great. We took Beau in from the Cuckoo's Nest Pasture so he could have his hooves trimmed and a new wound treated. He has been eluding us for the past few weeks, playing the "I'm a Mustang" game. Once he was caught, he had excellent manners.

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