Monday, June 30, 2008

It was at least 108 degrees out there today! We were dying! :o)

Jill's dogs enjoy the cool and stinky pig mud!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Sharil (Shiloh Adopter, Boarder, and Volunteer). Sharil was chosen as the Employee of the Month for the entire MGM Casino/Hotel! Yay Sharil! Here is one of Sharil's horses, Cochise, looking proud! Cooper left for his new home this morning. He was a personal favorite of mine, from the second I saw him at the New Holland Sale. He is such a gentle young gelding and we are so happy that he has a new home! Jackie-Thank you for choosing to adopt a rescued horse!

Slewus (above), rescued at the CA auction, under saddle today for the first time since his rescue. He needs some more rehab time, but is hopefully headed to his foster home this week. He has great manners, stands quietly while tied and loves attention.

Sweet Ciento (above), the recent save from the Fallon Auction. We are keeping his front legs wrapped and supported, he is very sore, poor guy.

Here are some pics of Trashy being bathed this weekend. It was so hot that the horses really enjoyed the cool water!For Eagle and Charlie (below), the grass really is greener on the other side!

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KellyByrd1 said...

Way to go, Sharil! With all the hours you spend at Shiloh, it's hard to believe you have time for a day job- and then, to excel at your work as well! What a wonderful accomplishment, and how great it is that companies acknowledge their prized employees! Stay cool, everyone!