Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Here is some video of Pongo from today. He is very thin, but eating non stop. His feet are feeling better, but we are still worried about him. We are going to have him checked on 6/18 by the vet to see if there is an underlying problem which is making him go downhill. Next time you come to the rescue, please take a moment to stop by his stall and give him a pat and a kind word. He needs all of our thoughts right now.

Godspeed has officially gained 200 pounds since his rescue! He looks like a new horse- look at his shiny coat!

Here is Cooper, a five year old OTTB who is looking for his new home. He is calm and quiet and going under saddle.

Shiloh Boarders: We are having our vet out to the rescue on 6/18 to work on some of the rescue horses. If you would like to add your personal horse to the list, please call Desert Pines directly. See Jill or Sally for more info!

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