Thursday, June 26, 2008

See what happens when we are out of town?

Looks like the inmates are running the asylum!

When we were at the Fallon auction, someone fed the mascots and wanderers some stuff they were not supposed to eat! If I hadn't seen this photos, I would have never known! I wonder what else happens when we are gone- actually it's probably best we don't know!

Can that possibly be Lucky Charms in there?
Oscar Meyer pigs out!Making sure no one else can eat his food!
Even Daisy tries a Cheese Nip or two... Wait, there are Fruit Loops in there!
Tortilla Chips!
The Goat Herd joins in the fun...

Even Thelma and Louise get some. Now, come on- there is NO WAY that small tortoise can eat ALL of that!

No one ever said the animlas at the rescue aren't spoiled. Thanks to everyone who remembers the Mascots love treats too!


Cheri said...

how funny the mix they get! are they living in hog heaven or what?!!

Katherine said...


Andrea said...

But who got the free gift out of the box, though?!