Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday- second post :o)

I am often asked what do we need most out at the rescue? We always need bags of Equine Senior, dog and cat food, used equiptment, water buckets, etc. BUT, something we can really use at this time of the year are FLYMASKS.

These do not have to be expensive, but we have found that the "supermask" types last the longest. They have a double sided velcro closure which stays closed in the pastures. Flymasks can be found in all tack stores, but usually the best deals are online... We also welcome used masks- as long as the velcro is still good!

Huge thanks to Cheri, who brought out a box of flymasks in multiple sizes yesterday. The horses are already using them!

We really do hate to ask for things, but so many of our wonderful volunteers, visitors, and supporters want to directly help the horses at the rescue, I just thought I would post this! Most of our masks from last year are patched up and torn- but the horses don't seem to mind how they look! Rescue horses are always happy to wear hand me downs and used items!

Thanks and see you at Shiloh!
Jill Curtis

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