Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday's Happenings...

A nice warm day out there. Summer is on the way!

New videos from today:
Charmin, the Welsh Pony. We have started working with him for his adoption evaluation.

Steal, the big gray TB gelding. A super nice horse, very calm and steady, now looking for his new loving home.

Aviator, an OTTB who is also looking for his new home.

Here is sweet old Mendoza (below). This old guy is just so gentle. He loves attention, it's heartbreaking to think of him dumped at the auction, in pain and frightened. His old bed sores are starting to heal and we are working on fattening him up, but he has very old teeth and can only eat hay for fun and to satisfy his natural urge to graze. His main feed will be Equine Senior. Once he is out of Isolation, he will be moved into either Little Vacation Village or Assisted Living.

Once again, we had to move Pongo, poor guy! He still spends alot of time laying down and his feet are still a bit sore (but better). Even though the ground is soft in Assited Living, his pressure sores from laying down are getting bigger and more inflamed. We moved him into his own heavily bedded stall in the barn. We are treating his wounds daily and have put a fly mask, fly boots, and a fly sheet on him to protect his sores. Even with all his problems, he is very calm and stands quietly as we work on him.

Elisa worked hard riding the horses and volunteer Tanya helped with all the chores...

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