Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well, Pongo looks like he might be doing better today- at least he was standing up and whinnying for his feed again. His swollen leg doesn't look any worse, we went ahead and wrapped both back legs with standing wraps for support and to keep the swelling down. His one bedsore on his hip is starting to abscess, which is actually good, it is coming to a head. We were able to lance some of it, letting some fluid out, but we think by tomorrow it will be open, which will make Pongo much more comfortable. Here he is in his outside run with Exceller the goat. It's a great sign that he is walking in and out of his barn stall.

It looks like we have a new Wanderer! We let little P. Shaggy out today, and he wandered right over to Assisted Living where he hung out all day. He is free to come and go and has access to a barn stall when he feels like it. It even looks like he has put on some weight since his rescue. Here he is with his new friends, Freedom and Celebrate.

Here is sweet old Mendoza in Mesquite Manor with his new friends Jackson and Abilene:

A pig wallows in the new "Pig Pool" that Sally made:

Speaking of pigs, look at Salsa and Oscar Meyer:

Here is Salsa showing off our new truck sign:

A panoramic shot looking from the feedroom:

And finally, Sharil caught this interesting action shot of "what a fly sees"!

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