Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The wind started kicking up around noon, but the day was warm and busy.

Geoff, our shoer, trimmed horses. We all did the usual chores, boarders were out working with their horses, and volunteers helped check everyone over.

Pongo is still the same, spending much of his time laying in his bedded stall. We taped some foam pads to his front feet to make him more comfortable. This was not as easy as it sounds- Pongo wasn't too crazy about us working on his feet and it took quite a few of us to get it done. We are trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. His appetite is good, he eats his Equine Senior right down. Here he is laying in his stall this morning:

Nick, one of our volunteers/adopters who had moved up to Oregon came out to visit us for the last two days. It was great seeing him and he pitched right in. Just like I used to do, I sent him out into the pastures to catch horses for Geoff, poor Nick, back to chasing the horses who love to play the "Mustang Game". Some things never change! He is so good at catching them and I couldn't resist! :o)

Here is Nick wrestling with Salsa:

Fortitude found his new home today which is great for him. He is so cute and deserves the one on one attention of his own home.

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