Tuesday, July 1, 2008


111 Degrees at Shiloh today! Yikes!

One of my favorite things to do at the rescue is to wander through the pastures. I just kind of amble along, looking each and every horse over. Looking for cuts, injuries, changes in behavior, signs of illness. I usually start by Area 51 and make my way through the fences into each pasture. I pick up windblown trash and baling string as I go, and I always end up with huge stuffed pockets, just full with trash. (The desert winds seem to carry all of the blowing trash from the entire valley and bring it to Shiloh.) I stop here and there to pet a horse, some wander over to me, some stand watch me walk by. All of them look relaxed with soft eyes, all of them grazing on their hay, hanging out in little groups. It gives me a good feeling to be in the presence of the herds of horses- to see horses that were once afraid, abused or starved, or on their way to a horrific end at a slaughter house, now doing their horse things among their herdmates. It just makes you feel good inside and makes all the hard work worth it...

Below is a short video of Dodge and Austin in the trees in the Big Pasture today. It's really neat, and much cooler, back in the Mesquites, the horses have little secret pathes all through them.

People who volunteer at Shiloh learn very quickly that we are a true working rescue. There are no "Feed Fairies", "Poop Fairies", or "Water Bucket Fairies". I wish there were, but it's all of us who do the work. The volunteers who stick around are the ones who are not afraid of getting dirty, muddy, hot and sweaty. Once someone gets the hang of what needs to be done, we send them off on their own to bath, fill buckets, or clean wounds. Shiloh really does have some of the best and most dedicated volunteers out there, we couldn't do it without them! It's always so nice to look out over the ranch and see people pitching in with the horses in all the different areas.

PB&J gets a bath...

Even Salsa gets hosed off!

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