Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Muggy with a threatening sky. We all just wanted it to rain and cool us all off!

Elisa has set the Topics for her next Equine Knowledge class. It will be Saturday only, July 26th at 10am. She will be teaching Equine nutrition, hoof care, parasites, teeth, and more. Check out more about this class here.

I rode Tanis today. Some days you just feel the urge to ride, today was that day. I didn't care that I was dripping sweat, off we went. Shiloh's riders really have the hardest job in this type of weather, they ride multiple horses each day...

Ever wonder what it looks like when you ride a Friesian? It's looks the same- I took this short video off of Tanis' back. :o)

Below, I also got another angle of The Corner Pen, Assisted Living, and Little Vacation Village. They back up to one of the large turn outs/arenas. It starts in the Corner Pen with Lexington and Reason (Philadelphia is on the other side of Corner Pen). It pans over Assisted Living and Little Vacation Village where the old guys are eating one of their meals of Equine Senior. Everone has an eating spot. When it comes back tothe Corner, you see Philly walking and beyond him is Fear Factor Pen, The Duplexes, and finally the Gummies. It's nice to look and see everyone content and eating...

Elisa started Beau under saddle today. He is an OTTB from Finger Lakes, very kind and well mannered. He will be looking for his new home by the end of the month. He is a nice big gelding, he does have two big old bowed tendons on his front legs, but they are well set and he is sound. He will make a great pleasure horse or even a nice lesson horse. We will have some video of him next week.

As Sally and I left today we could not find Sally's dog Breezer anywhere. All the rest of the dog pack jumped in the truck as they always do, but no sign of Breezer anywhere. We all searched and searched for almost an hour, looking everywhere, calling, and opening up every tack shed, feed room, stall thinking he might be closed inside. We were beginning to think he had been hurt and was hiding or worse. We were just getting ready to head out to the neighboring ranches to lok for him when Sally detoured and checked inside the little old horse trailer that we use to store our hay cubes that we feed some of the horses for lunch. There was Breezer, just hanging out on the pile of cubes. What a relief! Of course, as soon as we started to search, it began to really rain hard. We were absolutely soaked, soggy, and muddy by the time we found him. Well, we wished for the rain, but not at that time! Thanks Breezer!

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