Thursday, July 10, 2008


Sally and Jill are currently in Los Angeles and will be back at Shiloh on Sunday. Our wonderful volunteers are keeping things running smoothly back at Shiloh, and so far, all the horses are doing just fine. I was just told that there is currently a thunderstorm at the ranch! We are missing it!

Did you know that that Mustangs are at risk? Please read here to find out what is going on. The BLM has really screwed everything up as far as the Wild Mustangs are concerned. No big surprise there. We see Mustangs going throught the slaughter auctions all the time.

Here are two photos of former Shiloh Horses in their adoptive homes:

Reno (above) was rescued from a slaughter auction in Utah...
Junior, a horse who was donated to Shiloh years ago, plays in his home in Washington State. Look at those trees, no wonder he looks so happy!


FootlooseHorse said...

Rahall response to BLM plan: EuthanasiaBLM_letter.pdf

(Link is too long, remove space before "Euthanasia" when copying / pasting.)

To express your opinion to BLM: wild_horse_and_burro/feedback.html

(Link is too long, remove space before "wild" when copying / pasting.)

Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

Thank you Footloosehorse for the info! Everyone check it out!

Eric Clayton said...

Thanks for posting the link about the Mustangs. And of course, if you are having trouble getting the information, just click on my blog and its all there for you. :)