Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Hot and Muggy Tuesday

Extremely humid and hot today, it was so uncomfortable out there! The horses all just stood there looking dull and tired- but then, so did we! We were all just streaming sweat as we worked and many of the horses have salty sweat marks on them from just standing there. No matter how many times you hose them off, they just have them the next day...

Our Farrier was out, he has a misting fan that he sets up in the barn aisle. It is much cooler in there, but even he was dripping sweat.

We moved Fallon rescue, Ciento, the TB gelding with the bad front legs, into Little Vacation Village. He has gained alot of weight and we didn't feel that he had to continue to stay in his own corral. Now he has some friends, he seemed very happy, and he will still be getting his Equine Senior morning and night. We also moved Hummingbird, a little mare in Big Vacation Village, into Assisted Living. She ha chronic laminitis and her feet are bothering her a bit now, but she seemed very fiesty and in charge in her new home. We moved Falcon out of Big Pasture into his own corral in the Mare Motel for a few days. He also has chronic Founder and was a bit sore. I think the excessive heat we are having affects them more than some of the other horses. Everyone was medicated and settled into their new spots.

We had to split up the "Gummies", the corral with the horses with little to no teeth left. They need to basically eat Equine Senior morning, afternoon, and night and just chew on their hay for fun. Gummie Pen 1 has Jackson and Abilene, Gummie Pen 2 is now Vista and Mendoza. Both Vista and Mendoza are in their 30's and are just going down hill. Nature is taking it's course with them, but they are still spry and enjoy each other's company. All they have to do now is eat, relax, and hang out together.

Speaking of hanging out, here is a pic of Stetson and Laramie in the Big Pasture from today:

The vet will be coming out for another Vet Day on July 30th. This will be Salsa's Big Day as he gets gelded! Yay for our side! The vet will also be checking over some other horses with issues and doing some routine care. Aviator has an adoption pending with a great new home in New Hampshire, so he will be getting his Coggins and Health Certificate done in order to travel in August.

Elisa is scheduling another Equine Class for the weekend of July 26-27. At this time I am not sure of the subject matter, but it's going to be very educational. Once she lets me know the topics she will be covering, I will post the info and how to sign up for the class.

Below is a cute video of Daisy trying to get into Elisa's Kool Aid bottle.

Below is a video of Fremont, one of the Big Vacation Village horses, coming up for a pet this morning. Fremont has advanced neurological problems and sometimes has trouble walking, but he gets along great with his pasture friends.


Cheri said...

The video was too short on Daisy,
I bet she could open that top. Its amazing how animals know what to do, its just not haveing the digits to pull it off!

Andrea said...

Fremont's a sweetie!!