Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vet Day 7/30/08

Today was Vet Day at the rescue. Dr. Little from Desert Pines and his vet tech, Tracy came out to work on the horses. We had a full schedule, so we were all to work early.

Shiloh Volunteer/Boarder/Adopter/Equipment Manager Dave arrived first (before the vet) and while checking pasture horses over, he noticed that his horse Rookie had hurt his eye. The vet checked him first and found that Rookie had scratched his eye and it had created an ulcer. Rookie is being treated and should make a great recovery.

Then it was Pig Newton's turn. He was to be castrated and he was NOT happy about it. Dr. Little put Pig Newton to sleep for the procedure with a gas mask. Watch this video and listen to the screaming! Turn your volume up and enjoy! (Notice, Sally the Pig Wrangler is right in there! Hold him Sally!)

Before the vet's arrival, we caught Oscar Meyer telling Pig Newton all about what was going to happen to him... Pig Newton looked worried, Oscar looked pleased. Leo and Felipe look a little queasy... They are keeping a close eye on Dr. Little's scalpel.
Go to sleep Pig Newton...

Pig Newton in a horse stall recovering. He looks a bit stunned!

Next to be gelded was Salsa! As the vet said, it was a true "Testicle Festival" today! This is what we were all waiting for! Poor Salsa! (It's hard to know who was more upset, Salsa or Dave!) He went thorough the whole procedure with no problems but, afterwards, before he got up, he just laid on the grass making a sad hee-hawing sound! But, enough about Dave! :o) Just kidding! An hour later, Salsa was back to his old tricks and vying for the center of attention. But, we are teasing him now, calling him "Salsette" and talking about Dave's "new daughter"! :o)

Getting sleepy... "Save me Dave!"
Let the fun begin!

Dreaming of his un-gelded days...

Sally takes advantage of his condition to groom Salsa's "Danger Zone". Hurry up Sally!
"What happened? Why Dave, Why?"

Blue Moon was also gelded, he is a sweet little guy. He had no problems and made a great recovery.

Blue Moon...
His procedure!

We had Philadelphia's cheek bump checked again, we will be taking him into the clinic to have x-rays done and any floating bone chip removed. Daisy, Flower, and Sitka will also be taken into the vet at the same time to have their feet x-rayed again and their deformed hooves worked on by the vet and shoer in the clinic.

Philadelphia has his tear ducts flushed out.

We also had some of the Gummies checked over. We wanted to make sure we were doing all we could for these older guys. Dr. Little said, they just don't have many teeth left and nature is taking it's course. He said to continue them on the feeding program they are on and keep an eye on them. Gummie Mendoza did have some proud flesh removed from his old wound. When he was rescued, he had horrible cuts all over his lower legs, all have healed but one had a large amount of extra tissue growth.

Mendoza's foot.


Mikey said...

I bet your vet just LOVES you guys, lol! Always something interesting at your place. Poor Pig Newton and poor Salsa!! Their faces are so funny, they don't look happy at all! Oh well, it's all for the best.
We have an old Jack here, I call him Handsome Jack. He is still holding onto his testes and I haven't the heart to take them, as he is mid 20's, maybe 30 according to vet, he only has one real tooth left....
Love your commentary and my hat's off to Sally the pig wrangler. She does a great job and I'm assuming this is Jill working the camera.. Great job ladies, you never cease to amaze me!! Always entertaining visiting this blog. I can't wait to come see this in person, lol.

Cheri said...

I'm not gonna bet on who Salsa's
procedure was felt more, Dave or
Salsa, I know how much Dave loves Salsa's attitude (It cant be helped). But maybe Salsa will be
handing tools to you now Dave, instead of taking them!
Sally can sure wrangle those pigs.
And crazy chickens! She maybe small
but she is fearless! Love ya Sally!
Glad all went well today. My hopes
are for Blue Moon to calm like Tattoo has, and become adopted.

Found art blog said...

I have to wonder though... if Salsette's going to start handing over the tools now, will (s)he also start reading out the instructions first too....?????
....excuse me while I run away from Dave's spanner.....!!