Thursday, July 3, 2008


It was broiling out there today!

All the horses were good, no problems to report today.

Little Willing was over his bout of colic, but he was sticking close to his mom. He's usually so independent and hangs out with the other Bungalow horses more than he does Inspirada, but not today. He stuck like glue to her side, they spent much if the day laying together in the warm sand in their turn out area. I am sure by tomorrow, he will be back to his old self! After all, a first colic can be very traumatic for such a little guy.

Shiloh's Shoer was out working this morning, talk about a hot job.

After feeding all the horses who get extra feed, we were so hot we could barely move! It's going to be another scorcher this Holiday Weekend. We will be working every day, visitors and volunteers are welcome- just remember to bring something cool to drink.

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