Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Horses needing help and the pig!

We were contacted by the Nye County Animal Control today about 5 horses who will be auctioned off to the highest bidder this Saturday in Pahrump, NV. These were horses who have been confiscated from their owners and are now at risk again. The last auction had 3 horses, one sold for $20, Sweeney Todd who came to Shiloh sold for $40, and another mare sold for $1300.00. This time there is an older mare with a bad leg, an older pony/small horse, a Mustang stallion (of course), and two older thin geldings.

The ad read: "The Nye County Animal Shelter will be auctioning 5 horses at 12pm, on Saturday 7/26/08 at 800 Margaret St. Pahrump, NV, Nye County Auction. 1 Bay Mustang Stallion, approx 4yrs old, 1 Bay Gelding, 1 Roan Gelding, 1 Sorrel Mare, 1 Roan Pony Mare. Horses may be seen at the Shelter located at 171 N Kittyhawk Dr, Pahrump NV. For more info call 775-751-7020"

Shiloh will be going to help the horses who are not bid on by interested people, good people that is! If you live in the area, or are looking for a horse to give a home to, please consider stopping by to help these guys. Shiloh will be there with our Shiloh shirts on, so if you see us, come on over and say hi.

Thank you to everyone who sent me info on these horses, we appreciate you guys keeping an eye out for us.

If by any chance, someone can pick up a pig at the Lied Animal Shelter for us on Friday, please let us know at We are planning to go on Friday to get "GottaGo", but if anyone else can do it, it would really save us alot of time! You will need a horse trailer. The last time we picked the pig up with a blanket to load, it was not too hard!

Thanks everyone!


Eric Clayton said...

Interesting about the Mustang stallion. I wonder how long, if at all, the animal has been titled and why he has not been gelded yet. That is definitely a freezemark worth tracking.

Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

I agree Eric, we were wondering the same thing. That had better not be a freeze branded BLM Mustang stallion. Maybe they are just calling it a Mustang. We will have to see.

FootlooseHorse said...

Re: the mustang - I saw him at a/c a month or 2 ago and the employee I spoke with said he was 1/2 mustang. He's not freezebranded or titled. His owner became ill and turned him in.


Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

Thanks for clearing that up Lisa! :o)

Mikey said...

Despite him being only 1/2 mustang, I *ahem* see a project in Eric's future.
This is right up your alley Eric :)

Eric Clayton said...

You are so funny, Mikey. I have a feeling alot of folks are thinking the same thing, haha.