Sunday, July 6, 2008

This Weekend

A busy and hot weekend at the rescue. We had lots of volunteers and visitors who came out to spend some time in the outdoors with all the animals...

First off, some great news as Hickory, Puzzles, Dunny and Kobe were all adopted! Kobe was adopted by Jenny, a Shiloh adopter and boarder. Kobe joins Shiloh horse, Wishes in his new family. Dunny, the sweet older gelding rescued from the Fallon auction a few weeks ago, was adopted by Kathy and her two young daughters from Boulder City, NV. Hickory and Puzzles were off together to their new home on Sunday with a very nice family from Las Vegas.

Here is something you guys can help us with. We have been searching for a certain type of sling to help some of our older and crippled horses get their hooves trimmed easier. We know they type we need, but we just can't find one. We had $600.00 donated to buy a sling, now we need to find one. We have been searching all over the web, where we found one that would have been perfect, but it is out of stock and they are not getting anymore in. Here is what that sling looks like: equisling . We need something similar to this. Maybe someone out there can help us find one?

Six, the Thoroughbred rescued last month from the CA auction, in the turn out. Six, named for his number at the auction, is a very sweet 5 year old TB. He is currently gaining weight, when he is ready he should make someone a very nice horse.

Here is a nice view of the Area 51 Pasture from this weekend.

We just received our check from Blue Horse Charities, an organization that gives out grants to rescues that rescue racing Thoroughbreds and then place them into new homes. Last year we rescued and adopted out over 20 OTTBs. This year, we applied and we just got a check in the mail yesterday for $3800.00.

Here are some great photos from this weekend:

Ranch dog, Curry Comb.
Look who escaped from the Bungalows! Willing, Inspirada, and Apache go for an early morning run!
Isn't that Chief in the back, joining in the fun?
Sally and the feed cart. Ah, the glamourous job of rescuing horses...
The dog pack greets Darian.
Katy tries to cool off...
Caesar catches a ride from Dunny's adopters!
The Pig Wallow...
Elisa and Sadler go for a walk around the ranch. Sadler is looking for his new home, a very nice Irish Thoroughbred. See more about him here.
Where are all the horses in Big Pasture? They are ALL in the trees, doing what, we have no idea. Look how freaky it looks without the horses!
The "Shiloh Bermuda Triangle"...
Wait, here they come!
Look closely, you can see them all streaming out of the trees! How weird is that?

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