Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A SUPER hot day today, it was supposed to get above 112 degrees at the ranch!

One of our Farriers was out working on horses today. With the heat, we tried to just do the basics, feeding the extra feed, filling the water buckets, checking everyone over. As I walked the pastures, I found some of the horses napping in the hot sand, just laying there in the direct sun. Horses are so strange, there they lay in the boiling sun, while there are multiple shelters and trees in each pasture, just steps away, where it is so much cooler! They just lift their heads and give me a weird look as I ask them why they don't go into the shade...

This morning, we moved Christian Bail, Soot, and Convoy (the Fallon TB gelding) into Mesquite Manor to continue their rehab. Hoops, the TB mare, had front shoes put on and was moved up into the Fear Factor pen where she can start her adoption evaluation. America was moved out of Isolation and into Big Vacation Village where she can make some friends.

Some great news as Scout and PB&J were adopted last night by Sarah of Las Vegas. A good home for these two cute ponies. Plymouth is being leased by a long time volunteer, Bianca. After they get to know each other a little more, Bianca will most likely adopt Plymouth. It looks like a great match. We have always found that Summer is the best time of the year for adoptions, kids are out of school and people have more time to enjoy their horses...

I had a call from a new English Tack store that just opened last week. Valley View Desert Equestrian Tack and Supply is located on Russell and Sunset, in the south end of the valley, go and check them out!


Cheri said...

So glad to hear Scout has found a
home. She is so sweet and Sarah
is lucky to have her and PB&J.
It must be so hot out there right
now. Turn the sprinklers on and play!

Katherine said...

Ooh...a tack shop on our side of town? Great!