Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Pahrump Auction 7/26/08

Shiloh drove to Pahrump, NV today for the Nye County Animal Control horse auction. These horses had been confiscated from their owners and were being auctioned off to the highest bidder. These horses were at great risk for heading up to the Utah slaughter auction, if they were not sold, or if they were bought by a dealer type, they would end up there.

Shiloh could not sit back as horses in our very community were at such a great risk. We were hoping that we would not have to buy any horses, that other caring horse people would show up and help these horses. We had to go to see for ourselves that the horses would be safe.

We met up with Shiloh supporters, Cheri, who drove up from Las Vegas, and Lenny and Arthur, who have recently moved to horse property in Pahrump. Once we got there, we found another Pahrump Shiloh supporter, Don, who was also there to help.

The first horse through was the unhandled Mustang Stallion, a beautiful guy, just wild. A horsewoman called out from the doorway and bought him for $20.00. She is hoping to start a horse rescue of her own and we all could not be happier to see her there!

The next two horses were the older geldings, both around 30 years of age. Thin and scraggly and gray with age, but extremely sweet and in need of some help. Shiloh was the only bid and we got one for $30, the second for $20. There was a sweet old mare with a bad leg, who was bid on by a mother and daughter team for $30. Happily for the mare, the girl and her mother had been going to visit her at the Animal Control corrals for weeks and really wanted to offer her a home. The older pony created a bit of a bidding war between two horse people, going to one of them for $160.00. HUGE thanks to those who showed up to help these horses out!

Big THANKS also to Cheri, who paid for both of the geldings. Cheri is the one who bid on Sweeney Todd at the last auction, saving him and trailering him back to Shiloh. THANKS also to everyone who donated cash to use at this auction. Since we did not have to use it (thanks to Cheri), it will be put into our Slaughter Fund to be used at the next auction.

We have named the big red roan gelding, "Seemore". As we drove away from the auction, hot and sweating, we drove by an ice cream shop named Seemore's. The name just stuck! Seemore is extremely gentle. The second gelding is now named "Poker", he is also kind, but a bit more frisky. Both hopped right into the horse trailer and are settling into their new corrals at Shiloh.

Seemore grabs a bite of hay back at Shiloh. Look at that sweet old face, how can anyone resist?




Poker's grizzly old face. What a sweet old guy!




KellyByrd1 said...

Great rescue job, everyone! Jill and Sally- you ladies must be seeing yourselves coming and going, you've been soooo busy! All the new rescues are so lucky to be coming to Shiloh. Even though the day was windy and the sky ominous, all the kids seemed happy and settled- except for Pig Newton- he's not yet convinced that everyone is his friend... Inspirada worried me- she's usually front and center for carrots, and when I gave them to her, she just barely took it from me- I don't think she's feeling well. She did drop and roll, but got right back up. Also, on the inside row of the hospice, Yvonne noticed one of the water troughs with an automatic waterer was low, and we meant to go back to check it again, but sadly forgot in our hustle to get out before the storm. Yvonne and Patty are very diligent about checking water levels. Hope the new kids are settled in well, and look forward to meeting them when I get back into town. By the way- Equine Class Rocks! Love, love, love it! Even the part about the bugs! Great job, Elise!

Mikey said...

Good job guys! Those old boys must be so happy to be with you. Most excellent work :)

Eriks said...

Poor Seemore! Will he ever fatten up? Was he not fed well? e.