Thursday, July 24, 2008


Some sad news from the rescue, sweet old Cactus passed away in the night last Tuesday. We wanted to wait unitl we got home to post about it. She was found that morning, no sign of a struggle, laying in her pasture with her herdmates nearby. Cactus was in her 30's and had a badly crippled leg, but she was happy and had a great horse life for the last two years of her life at Shiloh. She had been rescued off of the Fallon feedlot with her weanling colt, Hillbilly, at her side. Hillbilly eventually went on to a new home while Cactus entered our Sanctuary. She lived in Big Vacation Village with her best friend, Marilyn. As sad as it is when a horse passes, we are always thankful when one of the old guys passes quietly and naturally in the night. I am working on her Greener Pastures page but am having some website problems.

Don't forget, we have the Second Equine Biology Class this Saturday, July 26th at Shiloh. It starts at 10am. This is going to be a really educational class, so don't miss it! Cost $25.00 per person. Please go here to find out more and to sign up!


Cheri said...

God Bless you Cactus. You were a
mare to be admired. You came to Shiloh with a young one, as crippled as you were. I know you
had a much better life and great friends since you came to Shiloh.
I will always remember you. And so
will your old pasture mates.

Mikey said...

Amen. Poor Cactus. But what a perfect way to go, surrounded by your friends, in your sleep. That's how it should be. Rest in peace Cactus.