Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday and some updates

A very hot day today, it must have been like 106 at the ranch. We had a hay delivery this morning, three semi trucks worth. That is alot of hay (and money!)...

Here is a picture of Sy, the newset arrival. He is in excellent shape for his age, we were told that he is 36 years old! His teeth seem to confirm it. He is a very friendly and personable guy.
Seemore and Poker are doing great as well, they have settled in with no problems. The three new guys are still in Isolation.

Here is a picture (below) of Former Shiloh Horse, Biloxi! Those of you who have been with Shiloh over the years will remember Biloxi was the little weanling Walker with the broken leg. He had to wear a cast and splint for almost a full year. Look how big and wonderful he looks now!
I had an update on Shorty as well. He is doing great, has grown taller. He is no longer short, he is 16 hands now! His new name is Ranger and he is working out wonderfully in his new home. He is great with kids and is well loved. Here is a new pic of Shorty "Ranger" sent by his owner Nancy.

Here are some cute pics of Jill's dogs Max, Osito, and Sukie- all three sitting on the golfcart "helping" with the chores.

Osito and Max LOVE the pig mud water hole. I have to say this is such disgusting mud- the pigs and the Llama go to the bathroom in it- the grosser it is, the more they like it! Then the dogs jump in my truck...

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