Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hot with little wind today, we were roasting!

Our Farrier, Trey was out working on the horses. Blackjack and Aviator were re-shod in preparation for their travels to their new homes. Blackjack is going near Sacramento, CA, while Aviator is going all the way to New Hampshire. He also worked on some of the Boarded horses, as well as Convoy and Soot.

All the patients from yesterday's Vet Day are doing well. "Salsette" was wandering all over, Pig Newton was trying to escape from his recovery area (where he needs to remain until Sunday), and Blue Moon ran all around when he was turned out.

Little Willing had some fun. We moved the two little ponies, Pepperoni and Pocahontas into the Bungalow area and they all ran around in the attached turn out together. Will, of course, was the boss. Will is such a neat little guy. He will be looking for his new home very soon. He will have to remain at Shiloh until he is weaned, at around 6 months of age. If you are interested in adopting little Will, please let us know. He deserves a home of his own...

Our new riding area is getting into shape. This is a huge open area near the big Pasture and Area 51. We have some small Cross Country jumping fences we will be putting here. We will also be setting the Parelli playground up near this area. I am hoping to set up a Dressage arena as well. A little something for everyone and every horse!

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