Thursday, July 17, 2008


A nice quiet day at the ranch. Everyone was checked, wounds cleaned and dressed, extra feed given- but no emergencies. It was one of those days when things all go right and you can just enjoy the silence and the horses.

Jill and Sally are off to Washington, DC in the morning. We are off to get some sleep, we have to leave for the airport around 5am... Keep an eye on the Blog for Traveler's adventures over the next few days!

Here is a great pic of a former Shiloh Horse, Karma in her new home, she looks fantastic!
Here is a nice picture of Shiloh adopter, Boarder, and Volunteer, Sharil with her adopted horse, Borrego.

I just had to add this one. This is Eric pretending he is lost in the back of the Big Pasture. You know all of us horse people are a little nuts! :o)
Speaking of Eric, we are trying to put together a special class about the Wild Mustangs. Eric, who is Shiloh's Boarder , our resident Mustang expert, and newly appointed Board Member for the National Wild Horse Association, will teach all of us about the local Mustangs and the issues that all of the Mustangs are currently facing. Once we have something set up, we will be posting more information.


Katherine said...

Funny Eric!

mikey said...

We love Eric! I want to see him do the Extreme Mustang Makeover next year. I'm going to keep saying it until he does!
C'mon Eric :)