Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Weekend

Did you all hear that an Thoroughbred ex-racehorse has made the Olympic Three Day Event Team? Courageous Comet, from racehorse to Olympic horse- what a story!

Good news as Plymouth's adoption to Bianca of Las Vegas is finalized. This is a great match and we are all very happy for both Plymouth and Bianca. Congrats!

The new guys from Pahrump are settling in. They were turned out and had some fun playing in the arena. We also had another New Arrival today. A very old gelding, who was abandoned by his owner at a boarding facility, came out to Shiloh today. The concerned boarding facility owner wanted him to have a place to live out his days in safety, so here he is. His name is Sy and we were told he is 36 years old. Hopefully, he will be able to eventually fit into one of our Senior Pasture herds. I will get some photos of him tomorrow.

Look who showed up yesterday, it's Kevin Bacon. Probably wanted to pay his respects to Pig Newton. First he had to have a roll in a cool mud puddle.Kevin Bacon has some sort of thing for horse legs. Here he is rubbing on Tanis' legs...
Then he stood right between Tanis' back legs. Poor Tanis didn't want to hurt him, he very carefully and slowly picked each leg up to get away.

A huge sandstorm blew in yesterday, the entire valley was full of blowing sand!

Here is Blackjack being used for a lesson at Shiloh. He is so well mannered, a great horse for people to learn on.

Shiloh supporters, Adopters, and Boarders, the Hickey Family traveled to Arizona last weekend to attend a Pat Parelli clinic. They loved it and learned alot. Here is Dave and Kody getting Pat Parelli's autograph...

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Katherine said...

So glad the Hickey Family had a good time...great picture with Pat!!!