Friday, May 16, 2008


A great day today!

We brought Music back to Shiloh this morning, she is feeling fine and made a full recovery from her colic episode.

Pongo, one of our newer arrivals pictured below, looking cute out in Cuckoo's Nest pasture today. He is slowly gaining weight and is starting to feel like a different horse.

Area 51 Pasture residents, Cherokee and Stardust, have some breakfast. They are best friends...
Volunteers Robin and Audrey cleaned Sweeney Todd's wounds (below). He is so well behaved!

Robin and Audrey then took Inspirada out for some grooming, which she really enjoyed. At the same time, little Wil was running loose, exploring, when he hooked up with Wanderer Charlie. They had a wonderful time playing and racing around! (Obviously, so did the dogs!)

A group from The Pima Vet Tech School came out today to learn from the rescue horses. The future vet techs learn how to take temps and other vital signs as well as learn how to correctly wrap a horse's leg. The rescue horses were on their best behavior for the students. Muffet, the goat, was also on hand to help out... (Clover watches from the foreground.)

We are off to CA tomorrow afternoon for the auction...

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