Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rescued Horses in their new homes

It is so wonderful to see rescued horses go on to their new homes and lives. It makes the difficult times of rescuing easier, it helps to remind all of us why we do what we do. To see horses who were thrown away, discarded, considered worthless, pulled from Kill Pens and Feedlots- to see them looking so great and happy in their new lives- is one of the best feelings.

Remember- Rescued Horses can do ANYTHING!

Here are some former Shiloh Horses who have moved on:

Below is Landmark, a young Thoroughbred who was rescued from the New Holland Sale in PA last year still wearing his racing plates. Look at him now! Below, look at Angus go! Angus was rescued from the Utah slaughter auction with a huge leg wound. He now carries his young rider to ribbons!

Go Angus!
Below is Outlaw, a young colt who came off of the Fallon, NV feedlot from where he was scheduled to ship to slaughter in Mexico. He was rescued, gelded, and adopted out to a new home and future. Here he is being introduced to his first saddle. What a cute horse he is!

Success with the saddle!

Below is Cajon, now named Lucky, proudly taking his young rider around a jumping course at a recent show. Cajon was rescued from slaughter at the New Holland Sale. What a beautiful gelding!

No one can look at any of these horses and see a difference between them and horses who were not rescued. Rescued horses have to work extra hard to overcome the steroetype of what a rescued horses really is.

Please email Shiloh more photos of your adopted Shiloh horses, we like to let everyone see how they are doing in their new homes and help get the word out about rescued horses! Go Rescue!


Sundancer said...

Wow! Those are all BEAUTIFUL horses! Thank you to the families that adopted them and gave them a new chance for success! It is great to see some uplifting stories!

Amber said...

Thank you so much Jill and Sally for all you do for rescue. Alyssa and Angus have really bonded and they make a great team. We received so many compliments on him and I don't hesitate to tell everyone that he is a rescue horse and they need to go to Shiloh!

Mikey said...

THAT'S what we like to see! Fantastic stories, sigh, I love Angus, that brought a tear to my eye. Such good stuff.