Friday, September 25, 2009


Free Kittens!

We have two of the three kittens left, we think one of the grays will be going to a new home tomorrow. We still have a blue/gray female and a black female who are looking for homes! Both are super sweet, super cute, healthy, love people and get along with dogs. These little girls were born at Shiloh under our office. If you are interested PLEASE email Sally at or call her at 702-249-8987.

All was quiet today at the rescue. Everyone was lounging around, enjoying the warm sun. All the chores were done, horses were turned out, etc.

Saturday will be a busy day- we have three new arrivals coming in. Our local NV Brand Inspector just can't care for his three beloved horses any longer due to health problems, so all three are moving to Shiloh in the morning. I will have photos of the new guys tomorrow. All three are elderly, so they will most likely remain at Shiloh in our Sanctuary.

Some of the vet testing horses will be returning from last week's test and Bonanza and Mercali will be getting picked up for a dental clinic at the school.

Sabine is teaching a Basic Horsemanship Class.

So lots to do!

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