Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday and our New Arrivals

Saturday was a busy day. Sadly, as I posted earlier, we lost Sanctuary Horse, Jericho. He was a true Shiloh Favorite and had quite a life story and Shiloh Journey...

We welcomed back adopted horse, Nike, from her adoptive home. Nike was adopted one year ago and it seems her behavioral problem (which was minor at the time of her rescue) has escalated. We will be re-evaluating her to find out more. Although she is in good shape weight wise, we are not happy with the care that her hooves have been given. She arrived back at Shiloh with one shoe on an overgrown hoof, her other front hoof is all chipped up and much shorter. She also has a huge scar going across her bulb of her heel, radiating down into her hoof wall. It will take us some time, and money, to get her hooves back into shape. Nevertheless, we are happy to have her back at the rescue, she is a beautiful mare who deserves a loving home.

Happy to be back, Nike eats some hay in the Mare Motel.

We also welcomed three new arrivals to Shiloh. Our local NV Brand Inspector, who has been a great friend to us, was having a hard time caring for his three horses due to his health problems. The three horses were well loved and cared for and it was very difficult for their owners to let them go. We are happy we could help them and the horses. The couple lives only miles from Shiloh so they will be able to come to visit the horses often, which is great for everyone involved.

Dusty is a 27 year old Appaloosa mare who is losing her sight.

This is Twerp, a 22 year old Arabian gelding who may be able to eventually find another home.

Zazz is a 27 year old Arabian mare who competed in endurance riding earlier in her life.
Daria rode Sidewinder for the first time. Although he was a bit tense at first, he had excellent manners. He is just a bit rusty, but we will take it slow with him and he should be able to eventually find a new home. He is sound and very personable. Sidewinder is the most talkative horse at Shiloh and a fun horse to work with.

Baby Spice was moved into the Bungalows where she can hang out with the other young horses at Shiloh like Will, Crusoe and Lucero. The dust was flying as everyone got to know each other and kick up their heels a bit. We like to house all of the babies together with some older babysitters mixed in, it's important for babies to be with other horses and learn from them. There is nothing worse than a baby being corralled without access to other horses. (We keep this short cotton lead hanging off of Spice's leather halter to make it easier for us to catch her and handle her. As she is worked with more, we will remove both the halter and the lead. We use a leather halter because it will break if she were to get tangled up on something.)

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