Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weds at Shiloh

REMINDER: Shiloh is closed to visitors and volunteers from Thursday, 9/17 until Weds, 9/23. Thank you!

So, what was the first thing we see early on Weds morning?

Wanderers Charlie and Cortez on the Cherry Pie grass and the trash all dumped over. When we chased them out Charlie came whizzing by and leaped over the garbage. He had great form! Only at Shiloh...
Sausage Patty sleeping in Daisy's stall.

Tanya worked with Mercali. Mercali seems to have really responded to his months off in the pasture. He is going sound and looking and feeling great. We think we will eventually be able to find him a home, great new for him. He is such a friendly TB gelding and he doesn't need to spend the rest of his life in a rescue.

Jericho out in Area 51.

Ten horses are heading to the WVC vet testing this weekend. We moved all ten into the Mare Motel for their pick up. It was really cute, all the older Sanctuary guys who are used for the testing got so excited. They all squealed at each other and did their horse stuff. But, they eventually settled down and are ready to go to work.
Dayton is used in the testing for his hind limb lameness.

Echo Echo, who is used to teach future vet students about Laminitis. This is a great program for us and for the horses. The horses are given full work ups with x-rays and blood work and are stabled at our vet's ranch. A donation is made to Shiloh for each horse used, there are currently thirty Shiloh horses in the program.

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