Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday and Weds

Great news as Woody is adopted today by Nicole of Las Vegas! We are so glad that Woody has a home of his own now, he deserves it.

More good news as Bombay now has an adoption pending!

We had Dr. Schur out to Shiloh on Tuesday to recheck Pepperoni. Her blood work had shown an elevated white count and Dr. Schur wanted to do a belly tap to check her abdominal fluid. The fluid will be sent into the lab and we should hear some results in about a week or so. Meanwhile, we think that Pepperoni is actually a bit more chipper lately and much more interested in her feed, which is a great sign for her.

We also had some of the other horses' teeth checked. Napa's leg wound had some proud flesh cut away, Woody and Charlie had their Habronema lip sores taken off, Roy was checked over.
Pepperoni's Belly Tap. A long needle is pushed up into her abdominal cavity and fluid is drained out for testing. Belly taps can tell a lot about what is going on with a horse.

Dr. Schur than worked on her teeth a bit. Three more molars were loose and were removed. Pepperoni's teeth are almost smooth which makes it hard for her to chew correctly. She is being fed an all you can eat mush made out of Equine Senior, weight gain, rice bran and alfalfa pellets. The vet also gave her another steroid injection.

Godspeed out in the Okay Corral. He is so fat now!



My old mare, Serenity and her neighbor, Daisy, eating their Equine Senior this morning. They both wander freely during the day and often meet to discuss horse things...

Daisy in her barn stall.

Sandi gave Capone a big hug.

Keller. See the red spot on her nose? It's a minor "summer sore" or Habronema. We have to treat it daily and keep it covered with a mask, it will gradually go away. Habronema is a big problem in the climate of southern Nevada and something we deal with each summer.

What are the Bungalow horses looking at? (Left to right: Lucero, Crusoe and Inspirada.)

It's the new horses out in the nearby turn out!

Harmony and Bonanza kick up their heels...

Harmony is really a nice little mare. Once she gets cleaned up and evaluated, she will really make a family a wonderful riding horse.

Bonanza is sweet as well and is showing very good manners. Once he is ready to be evaluated, we will be able to find out if he is broke to ride. We think he is.

Boone enjoys the turn out. We pulled his overgrown shoes off for his time in Isolation. His feet are a bit sore at the moment, but with time and care, we think he will also make someone a very nice riding horse.

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Mikey said...

Keller!! I can't wait to see you, very very soon!
All the horses look great. I can't wait to see them all in person again. I'm coming, packing carrots!!