Saturday, September 26, 2009


Very sad news from Shiloh as Sanctuary Horse, Jericho, was euthanized in the vet clinic this afternoon. (The photo above was taken a few weeks ago in his pasture.)

Last weekend, he was brought out of the Area 51 pasture. He was on three legs. There was no sign of an external injury, just a slight swelling above his one front knee. We are not sure what happened, possibly he was kicked by one of his herdmates. After moving him into a barn stall and giving him pain medicine, we were able to examine his leg. All his symptoms pointed at an extensor tendon injury. After speaking to the vet, we treated him like he had that injury. But, in the back of our minds, we knew there was a slight chance it could be a hairline fracture of the bone above his knee (rare, but possible). He had a good appetite and responded well to the pain meds we were giving him twice a day. He was able to lift and bend his leg. But, as the days went on, we became more worried about a possible fracture. Then today, we knew it was. The hairline fracture had begun to spiral down. We loaded him into the trailer and brought him into the clinic where it was confirmed. Sadly, he had to be humanly euthanized. There just isn't a treatment for a hairline fracture like he had, if it is a fracture, it's just a matter of time before the horse's weight makes the fracture spiral.

Jericho had been rescued by Animal Control in Logandale, NV where he was starving to death in a backyard. He was rescued along with Tecate, who was a stallion at the time. Both horses were actually wired into their corrals. Even to this day, we have never seen a horse more emaciated than Jericho was (see the photo below that was taken on his first day at Shiloh). It is a miracle that he survived and flourished. Jericho's last two years were full of love and comfort at Shiloh. He lived his days out in the quiet and peaceful Area 51 pasture. He was a loved member of the Shiloh Family and we will all miss him.


shilohsally said...

Rest in Peace Jericho. You were always a favorite to us at Shiloh because of your history. We used you as an example of how a starved emaciated horse could be rehabbed. How they can learn to trust people again. How they can become fat, healthy, and happy horses again. You will be missed.

Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

We always sad, "if Jericho could survive his condition, there is always hope".

He taught us a good lesson, one we have applied to other horses who have come to Shiloh and one we will continue use in the future.

Thank you, Jericho.

phaedra96 said...

Rest in peace, Jericho. At least the end of your life was spent being cared for, loved and loving. I know God has a place in Heaven for you and we will see you again.

Eric Clayton said...

I am glad I could spend some time with you during your last few days, Jericho. You will be missed.

Mikey said...

That's an amazing before and after. That poor creature.. I'm so glad he got his time at Shiloh and I'm so sorry he's gone. What a beautiful horse. Rest in peace.

Found art blog said...

Crikey, you did an amazing job with this horse!! He was happy, to be sure!!
Thank you, guys!!