Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pepperoni and some visitors

Sad news at Shiloh, as Pepperoni (pictured here a few weeks ago with pal, Susie Q), our elderly and ailing pony, passed away this morning. We have been watching her very closely and have had our vet involved for the last few months as we knew her time was limited. She was not in pain, but just getting more and more decrepit. Yesterday we spoke about her and Sally and I both hoped that she would pass naturally in her Gummie Pen surrounded by her herdmates. That is just what she did, her body was shutting down this morning, we sedated her to help her stay quiet and she passed on as we comforted her. We hate to say good bye to any Shiloh Horse, but we know we did everything we could to give her a wonderful quality of life. Pepperoni will be missed. She is buried at Shiloh not far from the Gummie Pen.

I never take a photo of a horse who has passed on, but I had to show you all how much Pepperoni's best friend, Susie Q, will miss her. They were inseparable and Susie Q was close by as Pepperoni left us. Here she was nickering and nuzzling her body. Pepperoni is covered with our Shiloh Horse Rescue blanket as all our horses are when they pass.

On to less sad news from today. Life goes on and we have lots of horses to love and care for.

Jericho is spending time in a barn stall with an injured Extensor Tendon in one front leg. He must have been messing around in his pasture and hurt himself...

Stardust, an older TB mare, out in the Okay Corral pasture. She always hangs out in the tree areas.

From the trees, looking out toward the front of the Okay Corral. I love it back here, if I were a horse, I would spend all my time here!

Valentine eats her hay in Okay Corral.

So do Moses and Godspeed.

Kite wandering in the pasture.

Kerkorian and Champ.

We had a group of Home School kids out to the rescue today. They were given a tour, they handed out carrots and then brushed some horses. Here Sy and Little Dude look for treats in Little Vacation Village.

Laramie got a nice big carrot (actually, he got quite a few)...

GG, one of the blind girls, used her other senses to home in on the carrots!

Eagle got some too.

Sharil helps some of the kids brush Sage under City Center.

Tanya helps Little Dude get some grooming.

Even the dogs got in on the act.

Heavenly being lead back to the Gummies after her turn being groomed.

Priceless and his groomers heading back to Little Vacation Village.


the 4 D's said...

RIP pep.. we will miss you as we miss all of our friends who move on to Greener Pastures .Looks like a wonderful day at shiloh

Eric Clayton said...

We will definitely miss you Pepperoni.

Mikey said...

Awww, poor Pepperoni.. but the best way to go, and I'm glad you were on hand to help her along and make it less painful. Prayers for Pepperoni to be in greener pastures now.

shilohsally said...

Dear sweet Pepperoni Pony we surely will miss you. We are happy you could spend time here at Shiloh with us and your special friend Susie Q. RIP

Sharil said...

Pep, You had such a loving heart and good soul...I am glad that you let me whisper in your ear this morning...I love you...