Monday, September 7, 2009


Upsetting news from Shiloh when Sally's beloved dog, Derby, was accidently hit by a car at Shiloh. Sandi and John were arriving at the ranch on Saturday afternoon and were driving very slowly past the barn area, and as always, the dogs are so happy to see new arrivals and all came running. Somehow Derby was hit in the excitement.

Derby was taken to the 24 hour emergency animal clinic where they discovered that his pelvis was broken in three places. He will remain in the clinic until Tuesday morning when he will be taken to a surgery center where he will have his pelvis repaired with plates.

This is devastating for Sally and for Sandi and John. It was a horrible accident, one that could have happened to anyone, and everyone just feels awful.

But, because of this I am implementing a new rule at Shiloh- NO MORE DRIVING CARS INTO THE RANCH. There are just too many dogs, pigs, goats, burros, and horses wandering freely, it is an accident waiting to happen. Please park all vehicles outside of the gate. If you have feed that needs to be brought in, the guys can help with the gators.

I will keep Derby's status updated, he is a beloved member of the Shiloh Family and I know how much everyone loves him.


shilohsally said...

Thank u Jill for posting. As of 5 this morning Derby is still off oxygen and breathing ok. He is less painful and he is trying to move alittle in his "cage". He is still on IV's. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Eric Clayton said...

Get Well Soon, Derby! I hope to be scratching your belly again at the ranch soon.

the 4 D's said...

Get Well Derbs! Thinking of you all!
The Hickeys

Mikey said...

Oh gosh. I'm so sorry and I hope he gets better soon. I know it happens, and we all feel terrible when it does. I'm more than a little neurotic around here about cars and dogs.
Prayers for Derby, coming right up.

the 4 D's said...

Derb~derb you was so excited to see me this morning under the city center and we had a special moment rubbing ur tummy I have always loved you cause i had a pup just like you back in the day and you remind me of him ,His name was Chubby .Derb~derb you get well soon and im pulling for you ,Your buddy

Jo Deibel said...

Miss Jill,

This is Hunter...please tell Miss Sally I hope Derby will be ok. Mom just told me what happened like 2 seconds ago. I hope Derby will be ok! I cant wait to see him again!


Jo Deibel said...
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Jo Deibel said...

Just wanted to wish Derby well and to let you know we are all pulling for his super speedy recovery!

Big Hugs to Jill, Sally & Derby

Elisa said...

Cecil says to get well soon, Derby Dog!

Elaine said...

Oh, dear, poor little derby we just gave him a belly rub the other day. Pool little guy and poor John & Sandi how awful for them too. Hugs & Kisses to all. Get Better soon Derby. Good idea on the cars, better to be safe than sorry.

Found art blog said...

Major hugs and squeaks to Derby and Sally!!