Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Lazy Tuesday

REMINDER: Shiloh will be closed to visitors and volunteers from Thursday, September 17 until Weds, September 23rd. Thank you for understanding!

All was quiet and peaceful out at the rescue today. The weather was just beautiful!

Salsa had to spend some time in lock up. He was bothering some of the volunteers. He was so mad that we put him in a pen and he spent the time banging his feeder on the bars.

Lark and Treasure in Big Pasture.

Blahnik in Area 51. Now that she is at a healthy weight, we will begin re-evaluating her soon for possible adoption.

Sanctuary horse, Thistle, in Big Pasture.

Eric made a breakthrough with Iceman and was able to touch his face and eyes while Iceman stood quietly. Great job, Eric and Iceman!

Eric's new tattoo- this is his Mustang Gus' freezebrand. Isn't that cool?

Bonanza was worked lightly in the round pen. (He is still in isolation.) He is sound and healthy, once his isolation is done, he will start his adoption evaluation.

Laramie in Little Vacation Village.

Little Vacation Village eating their Equine Senior.


shilohsally said...

Dear Salsa, Blame Jill, not me. By the time I went to look for you to lock you up, she had already done the horrible deed!
I love you Salsa!

Found art blog said...

That NO FAIR!! Salsa gets out the red carpet for visitors, and then gets LOCKED UP??? No wonder he was mad!!!

the 4 D's said...

Salsa this is Daddy Dave , wish I could be at the ranch every day to be with you, Maybe it time to bring you home to the hickey house then we can cause havic at the BBqs we have I will see you this weekend

Eric Clayton said...

Everytime someone would walk by, Salsa always had a lead line in his mouth, kinda like he was saying "Hello?, you can use this thing and get me out of here, ya know?"

Sharil said...

Wait a second, Salsa is noooo angel.... I wish I was there that day, I would have glady done the horrible deed!!!

Let me remind you Salsa what you did to me? Remember my arm in a cast? I do!!!! hahaha

Dave, "Apples do not fall far from the tree" Salsa is a baaaadd boy

I Love you too Salsa..Did just say that?!?

Love ya
Sharil :)

the 4 D's said...
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the 4 D's said...

He just needs love and attention, hahahahaha! and Dave