Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday's Adventures

First off Happy Birthday to Sally, my mom and my Rescue Partner. Shiloh would not be anything without Sally! Thank you for sharing my life's dream and my life adventures with me...

The Hickey Family held a Shiloh Potluck at their home on Friday night- it looks like everyone had a great time!
Some of the party goers- Left to right- Deonna, Dave, Sharil, Tonya, Eric and Daria.

Guess who came home yesterday! Derby! Look at that smile!!! He came home on Sally's birthday, the perfect gift.

Breezer gave him a kiss.

He will need help walking for a few weeks. We are just so glad he is finally home.

Back out at Shiloh, Wanderers Scrappy and Charlie try to steal some of Eagle's food through the hay window.

We worked with the WVC vets and helped them choose the list of horses for the upcoming tests. Here is Shadow waiting for his blood to be drawn...

Image gets his done. The Vet School pays for the testing horses' routine vaccinations, worming, dental care, etc.

Bucky has his blood drawn.

Aiken gets his teeth checked.

White Cloud "shares" some Equine Senior with Sausage Patty. Notice the feed on Sausage Patty's back...

White Cloud, looking good.

Napa's leg is healing very nicely. We still keep it wrapped to keep it clean. Here she is spending some time in one of the turn outs.

Charlie had his lip sore attended to...

Then we let him go back to his wandering ways...

Jimmy Dean ate some watermelon.


Found art blog said...

SOOOO pleased Derby's home!! Hope he got some of that birthday cake too...!!

the 4 D's said...

Welcome Home Derby!!! You have been in our thoughts daily. Shiloh~ the horses look WonDerFul!!! You ladies are Amazing! Good Times at the Hickey House, thank you all for coming.