Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday's Vet Day

We had the vet out this morning, she was only supposed to draw blood, etc on the Western Vet Program horses, but once Dr. Schur was at the ranch, she did more routine things for us.

Sadly, we did have to end up having little Hummingbird put to sleep. She had been originally found wandering in Sandy Valley (of course). Her chronic Founder was just becoming extremely painful for her and daily pain meds were no longer working for her. We have been concerned about her for some time. Lately, she has spent more time lying down than standing because her feet were just so sore. Her breathing was becoming more labored and we just could not stand to see her suffer. She was put to sleep in Mesquite Manor under the shade trees, where she had been living with her friend Falcon. She went very quickly, even before most of the injection was given, she was ready to move on. After she was gone, Dr. Schur was able to examine her feet more and we found that it was becoming so advanced that her coffin bone was very near to penetrating her sole. (We could not pick her feet up at all anymore.) We only had Hummingbird for five months, but in that time, she gained weight, filled out, and grew a shiny coat. She lived with other horses and had herdmates and friends. She passed away quickly and without fear, for that we have to be happy.

Dr, Schur also examined Olympia and concluded that she probably does suffer from some stifle injury (her upper hindleg). Something may have become dislocated that day at Shiloh when she was three legged with pain. She definitely has hind leg pain, but we are going to try to manage it for her. She was turned out into The Cuckoo's Nest Pasture so she can make some new friends. She seemed happy to be out with other horses at last.

Olympia is examined.

We had Fred examined and he was given some steroid injections to help him feel a little better. We let him wander freely and by the time we left to go home, he was way up on the grass area with the other mules grazing...
Jill and Sally discuss Fred with Dr. Schur...

We had the Thoroughbred mare, Hoops, examined for pregnancy. She had filled out very quickly and we became very suspicious, after all we have only had her a few months. But, thankfully, she is not pregnant. She can now continue her evaluation and look for her new home.

Dr. Schur floated the teeth on Roy, Hudson, and Allegheny to get them ready for their vet teaching job.

Roy gets his teeth done...
Then it's Allegheny's turn.

It must have been 112 degrees out there today!

Katy tries to cool off.

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