Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sunday and Sitka in the Vet Clinic!

We made a decision today to bring both Sitka and Little Sunday into the vet clinic this morning. We were just a little concerned and wanted the vet's opinion. Sunday is so tiny and thin, and although he nurses, we wanted to make sure he is getting all he needs. A little foal like this can go downhill in a matter of hours and we just could not take any chances with his health. Besides that, both Sally and Jill are leaving town for the weekend, Sally to Alaska, Jill to Los Angeles. We just cannot risk any problems with this special little guy.

The vet took some blood from Sunday, and checked that he had the correct amount of Colostrum on his first day (he did). He also checked him all over for any other problems, and although he is tiny, he does seem pretty healthy. Dr. Little does think he was born a bit premature, but he is doing well. He also checked Sunday's one eye that was getting an ulcer- we think he scratched it at birth in the arena sand (where we think he was born!). Dr. Little thought his numbers were a little on the low side (protein, hydration, etc) and to be safe we decided to leave both mom and foal in the vet clinic until Monday. They will be monitored continually by the vets and if anything starts looking bad, it will be treated immediately. I will be talking to the vet daily and will keep everyone updated on any changes.

Dr. Little will also be taking care of Sitka's x-rays and feet trim while they are there.

Because of this new development, we have reopened the Sitka and Sunday Fund to help us cover the added vet expense. The vet estimated the final cost (with all procedures on mom and baby) to come to about $1500.00. If there are any emergency procedures done, like Plasma for Sunday, it could go up to around $2,000.00. We currently have $670.00 in the Fund, anyone who is interested in helping please go to this page to donate. We thank each and every person who supports all the horses, not just these two guys. We could not do it without you!

We know many of you would like to stop by the clinic to see the horses for yourselves, but the clinic asked us to not allow visitors due to other sick horses, emergency procedures, etc. Once they get back home to Shiloh, everyone is welcome!

Sunday gets a lift from Jill...

In the trailer.
Initial check over

"Hows my heart Dr Little?"

Having his blood drawn...

Having some lunch and then...

Sitka's deformed foot.

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Jenny K. said...

I'm glad you posted a picture of Sitka's foot, so that people who cannot visit Shiloh can better understand her situation. Poor, sweet girl. Also, I'm glad that Sunday is getting so much loving human contact from birth! I hope he will always know the loving touch of human hands.