Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunday has some fun and Apache

First for the good news, watch little Sunday race around his corral! We are still supposed to keep him a bit "quiet", but he doesn't know that! Go Sunday Go!

Now, for the bad news. It looks like Apache has been fooling everyone these last few months- she is NOT pregnant! She was colicing yesterday! First, in the morning, after treating what we all thought and assumed were her labor pains with a dose of Banamine, all was well. But, by 8:00 last night, she was feeling more pain and we decided she needed to go into the clinic. Sally and Sharil met Leo (who drove Apache in) at the vet clinic at around 9:30pm. Once there, Apache was heavily sedated (she is very hard to deal with) and was examined by Dr. Ballard. He found a large impaction in her colon, but after an ultrasound found no baby (her last ultrasound at Shiloh was inconclusive)! We had to leave her in the clinic last night and she was hooked up to IV fluids to try to get the impaction to move. Sally and Sharil finally left the clinic after midnight.

I will get an update this morning from the vet and will let everyone know what is going on.

Just when we think we have everything in control, look what happens! Remember, the vets were never able to properly examine her out at Shiloh because she would kick so bad, even after being sedated. To the outward eye, she sure looked and acted pregnant and she was supposed to have been bred to a Pony Stallion. Of course, we are happy that she is not- there are way too many horses out there! But, here we are preparing for a new baby, and what do we get? An impaction colic and a nice big vet bill! The fun never ends!


the 4 D's said...

Looks like we have a Barrel racer on our hands

Cheri said...

Sunday looks great! What a cutie!
Great to see him getting so strong.
Sitka looks good too