Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Pics of Little Sunday!

Lori asks, "Who's your daddy? But first, who's your mommy?"
Sitka and Sunday reunited!

Look how tiny he is!
We are all in shock!

Helping him out...
He's got it!
Mom and son...
Sunday meets some of the dogs. Look how small he is compared to them!
Time to take a well earned rest...

Larry and Kathy arrived to see their new "grandson"? They adopted Carson last year. Larry breaks out the Champagne!

Kathy meets Sunday.

Deonna visits Carson in his adoptive home...
"Was it you?"

Kathy congratulates Carson!


Jenny K. said...

Wow! What a shock and surprise that Sitka was pregnant!! I just can't get over it. I wonder why or how they got separated from each other, but I'm so glad you quickly solved the puzzle. Also, I have to say Carson's adoptive family has done a marvelous job. He is absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations, Sitka, Carson and SHILOH!!!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful photos! What a story!

Amber said...

What a cute little guy. My 7 year old is begging me to go out to Shiloh to see him, so we will be making a trip out there soon!

Congrats Sika!